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Digital Janitor 5.2 Publisher's Description

Latest Features

These are some of the latest features added to Digital Janitor.
Sort Music

Starting with version 4.0 Digital Janitor can sort MP3 files by artist and album in folders.

Version 5.0 allowed Digital Janitor to sort a wider range of music files

Digital Janitor can be scheduled to sort at a specified date or time to sort a folder using a configuration. You can create a rule configuration in the main window (by adding the rules and pressing "Save"), so that you can later use it in the scheduler.
Once the date and time has been reached, Digital Janitor will start and sort the folder.

This feature might be useful for people who download a lot of files all day and their downloads directory is crowded. Digital Jantior can be scheduled to sort it once in a while and put everything to it's place.

This feature allows users to sort files based on a common attribute such as having the same extension ("file.txt", "file2.txt"), same name ("file.cpp", "file.o", "file.exe"), or same type (as configured by user).

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